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The Wisdom of the Left

Posted by davidburbage on June 4, 2011

Here is an extract from a budget speech, given by a UK Group Leader in a 2011 council budget speech.

I’m pleased that we’ve got people in the gallery to listen to the debate. But the people I would like to see up there aren’t there.

I would like to see up there Mr Mayor some of London’s casino bankers here today to witness the havoc they are causing in our communities.

We may even have been able to persuade them to part with some of their million pound bonus to fill some of the potholes that are gonna be left unfilled, to help some of the vulnerable older people that are going to have more services than they will currently have, because of the bankers.

Let’s make no mistake about this, it was because of the bankers unregulated behaviour of playing the equivalent of roulette and losing, that has resulted in the significant cuts in public spending.

Clearly a Labour politician, ducking responsibility for the huge “structural” deficit, using both the politics of envy and the suggestion that it wasn’t at all the fault of the state spending but of activity in the private sector, making excuses for the cuts they are about to make.

This politician can be found here


As regular readers may have guessed, this is not a Labour politician I am highlighting, but a Liberal Democrat (Cllr Pinnock at 0:35:15) .

It is sad that none of the three main party speakers spotted that it was the overspending of central government that left the black hole – more money out than in – that resulted in the cuts. Sure, the financial sector squeeze and the credit crunch has resulted in recessionary pressures and tax revenues falling even further short of expenditure budgets, but the plain fact of the matter is that Gordon Brown and his maxing out of the public credit card caused the public spending situation we find ourselves in today.

The Liberal Democrat councillors in Kirklees need to get the basics right before indulging in standard left wing monotony in regretting that the size of the state – ie the amount of money forcibly taken from ordinary working peoples’ pockets – cannot be simply increased on a year by year basis.

On a related note, the curious thing from this budget debate was that the “opposition” appeared to be the 4th party Greens – as Kirklees is a hung Council, the necessity of gaining wider party agreement prior to the actual meeting was clear!

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Irrefutable Evidence that Labour incompetence lost millions on costly school buildings

Posted by davidburbage on April 9, 2011


This is an independent analysis of the BSF programme – where horrendously complicated and costly processes needed to be gone through to create bespoke building projects, for the most part on individual schools (rather than tackling the biggest problems in a sensible way).

It just shows what balderdash can be achieved by civil servants and quangoes designing procurement and spending programmes centrally, rather than get people that know what they’re doing to get on with it locally.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a chap from the Housing Corporation (or the Homes and Communities Agency or whatever it was renamed to) who wanted to hold a “single conversation” with the six Berkshire authorities about the pattern of their investment in affordable housing projects and associated infrastructure. “We need to invest the money” he was saying.

“Just give us our cheque and we’ll spend it on housing” I said. Couldn’t do that, of course . . . we had to go through a complicated process of negotiation first involving producing large documents analysing need, consulting widely, centralising it, asking for approval blah blah blah.

I don’t think we have had any investments since that day, but I could be wrong . . . . . .

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Manifesto Launch Season

Posted by davidburbage on April 5, 2011

 We launched our manifesto to the press today.

 Full details on the http://www.rbwmconservatives.com website , but apparently neither the LibDems nor the Labour party have actually announced if they are going to have a local manifesto. . . . we wait and see.

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Another attack on the awful legacy of Ed Balls’ economic management

Posted by davidburbage on February 13, 2011

Good article on Conservative Home today on how the former Labour Govt assumed all would be well forever and didn’t have any money when the rainy day came.


“But what is most staggering is that Ed Balls still appears to use ‘The General Theory of Leeds United’ as his economic textbook.”

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Big Society progresses excellently

Posted by davidburbage on February 7, 2011

Read all about it in tomorrow’s Times.  [Ed: We didn’t make the cut 🙂 ]

The Shadow Chancellor doesn’t get it though, a bit like his predecessor.

He says

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, at an event in Nottingham, said government money was needed to make a voluntary civic society work, otherwise it was “just a lottery”.

“And if you’re lucky enough to have someone who will volunteer, fine, but if you’re not, hard luck, and that’s not a fair society,” he said.

The problem with his simplistic assessment is that many – three quarters according to Francis Maude – voluntary organisations receive nothing from the Government, but Ed Balls thinks that they should do and that the Govt should step in to fund the voluntary organisation / charity / whoever.

Big Government – typified by Balls – destroys Big Society by creating unnecessary dependency, not by creating sustainable communities that don’t need Govt handouts to operate successfully.

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Chums, the Localism Bill is just fine

Posted by davidburbage on January 19, 2011

My mate Eric presented the Localism Bill to the House of Commons this week. He was in good form, with excellent repartee.

A couple of examples

1 – here challenged by former junior Minister, Chris Leslie, now back in the House :

Christopher Leslie (Nottingham East, Labour)

The Secretary of State advocated the power of general competence as a means of increasing the freedoms of local authorities. However, clause 5(3) states:

"The Secretary of State may by order make provision preventing local authorities from doing, in exercise of the general power, anything
 which is specified, or is of a description specified, in the order."

Does that not completely negate the supposed freedoms?

to which Eric replied :

 I am surprised by the hon. Gentleman’s statement, because he and I have previous. When he was engaged in a respectable profession before returning to this House, I recall him advising me on these issues. His advice was that these things should not be absolute, and that the Secretary of State needs to retain residual powers just in case.

He should not castigate me for taking the advice that he gave all those years ago- nice try.

2 – and encouraged to comment on the great centraliser Mr Prescott by Paul Beresford :

Paul Beresford (Mole Valley, Conservative)

I hope that my right hon. Friend does not miss the opportunity to mention the great pilot of centralisation, John, now Lord, Prescott, who, in moving from the social status of waiter to that of a passenger on cruise ships, was so damaging to local government.

Eric Pickles (Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government; Brentwood and Ongar, Conservative)

I have to say that I have great affection for Lord Prescott, and I am particularly enjoying his current advocacy of insurance on television.

Anyone not seen it can see Lord John earning a few bob here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWpW_5X2EYE&feature=player_embedded

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Alan Johnson gaffes on basic tax question

Posted by davidburbage on January 9, 2011

What is bad about the gaffe that this cringeworthy politician who can’t admit he doesn’t know the answer, is not that he doesn’t know the answer – he should do of course – but that he makes it up on the hoof, hopes for the best by trying to mislead viewers that he knows the answer.

Entertainingly, the car crash question hangs over him as he waffles on about “going up by 1%” when you can tell that the Sky interviewer is just going to ask him again what the rate actually is when he finishes waffling.

Not a good position to be in.

Note to self : if you don’t know the answer, just admit it. Don’t make it up….. make honesty the best policy, Alan.

The “20 to 21 percent” he claimed was the increase was a confused basic rate of tax – or was that VAT? (but both were wrong) number that he thought might be in the right ballpark.

Now, how was that economic management of the economy whilst he was in the Cabinet?

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Ed Miliband strikes

Posted by davidburbage on December 27, 2010

 Ed Miliband apparently, in a devastating attack on the seriously insignificant “book” issue, accuses the coalition of a “partial U-turn”.

Must be the beginning of the end . . . . . .

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Friendly Richard Kemp scores another own goal

Posted by davidburbage on December 18, 2010


He was on Radio 4 this morning telling us that Liverpool Council were very good at efficiency savings and wasn’t it terrible that cuts had to be imposed upon local government. Not “regretting that the cuts were necessary because of Labour’s historic reckless overspending”.

Still, as the Audit Commission found in 2008, he would know all about that because Liverpool under the LibDems was reported as the worst Council in the country in respect of financial management….

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How Labour destroyed the UK by borrowing from unborn children

Posted by davidburbage on November 14, 2010

Well worth viewing – a clear description of the deep mess we are in financially. . . . . (you have to watch a few adverts before it starts, but you won’t then stop watching!)

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