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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Windsor)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


Continue the fight to keep our 24/7 Fire service in Windsor

In 2009 David Cameron visited Windsor Fire Station, to join our campaign to keep the 24/7 service for Windsor. In 2015, the new fire station at Tinkers Lane opened – and it wasn’t an easy ride! But we did what we said we would do.

Campaign to make Windsor Police station open to the public for greater period of time

Working with Thames Valley Police, we’re in close discussion for a jointly operated resident facility

Pilot the pedestrianisation of Lower Peascod Street

Done – and made permanent

Pursue options to ensure that the night time economy is safe and does not harm residential amenity through any form of ASB or crime

More test purchases, drugs operations, licensing and planning protocol introduced and community wardens to assist on the ground

Continue to support taxi marshalling scheme through key partners


Fight against aggressive clamping operators across Windsor

Done and clamping now abolished

Support the Windsor Legacy Bridge campaign

Resident funding has begun, and the campaign continues

Work to deliver new rowing facilities alongside the Thames

CanRow team working on a Jubilee River facility in partnership with the council and other sports bodies


And That’s It.


We promised 104 items, delivered 104 items; sometimes overdelivered, sometimes in a slightly different way than was envisaged at the time of writing, but outcomes always being achieved.

Doing what we said we would do.


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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Education and Schools)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


We’ve certainly delivered fantastic results in choice and investment in local school. Cllr Bicknell (picture above) has been championing the potential for local grammar school places, and our commitment to excellent local provision continues.

Streamline the applications process for schools admissions

The vast majority of applications are now performed online

Give as many schools choices for parents as possible across local schools

We expanded the choices from 3 to 6 for all school applications

Plan for and support vocational courses for the over 16s

Advanced apprenticeships are up 20% since 2010/11 and we provide weekly updates to students

Work with schools to improve their civic offer eg Adopt-A-Street

Seventeen schools now involved in Adopt-A-Street and we’ve had school visits by waste awareness officers

Continue to offer a comprehensive safeguarding service

A recent Ofsted visit has given assurance we are not in the same boat as Rotherham or Slough! We have been very publicly asking for all agencies to participate in our Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

Support local applications for free schools where appropriate


Three new free schools approved – Holyport College, Braywick Court and now Forest Bridge School

Support redevelopment of the Holyport Manor site for Education purposes

Now a fantastic state boarding school, heavily oversubscribed and popular in the locality



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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Leisure and Libraries)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


We’ve had tremendous success with our parks, libraries and leisure facilities. Popular and open for longer hours, our libraries are some of the most valued community destinations.

Maintain and enhance our parks

New play areas, new table tennis tables, more trees, dog-proof picnic areas and all weather pitches delivered!

Increase gym capacity at our leisure centres

Charters, Magnet and Windsor all have renewed and extended facilities. Furze Platt is a new facility!

Extend and enhance the Borough’s library offer, opening more library facilities and providing a greater range of services

Most libraries are now open on Saturdays and Sundays, WiFi and other great capabilities delivered

Increase volunteering opportunities in the Guildhall Museum and Borough libraries and parks

26 additional volunteers recruited for libraries at weekends, supporting professional staff, and new volunteers for the museum

More fountains for the Borough

Jubilee fountain in Alexandra Gardens at the Goswells very popular, fixed the Guildhall drinking fountain, fixed the Maidenhead library fountain and new fountains coming to the Borough

Extend public sports events in our towns eg road races

Park Runs now introduced through our Bright Ideas programme, football and rugby tournaments and regular triathlons

Introduce a prep/homework service in our libraries for Borough children

Pilot schemes introduced with publicity for residents

Extend youth provision across the Borough

Weekly sessions up 95% since 2011. Attendance levels up 28% since 2011

Fully support better access and business opportunities for 2012 Olympics at Eton Dorney

The Olympics went well!

Maintain support for our Arts Centres

Four year service level agreements in place for regular funding

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Candidates in Horton & Wraysbury

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


Our two candidates in Horton and Wraysbury are the same team that has served local people so well over the last four years.

Colin Rayner has been one of the most prominent local representatives of the Borough – seen on national and international television during the floods of 2014, he’s also been the Mayor of the Royal Borough and a Cabinet member for Highways and Transport. He farms all across the area.

John Lenton is a dedicated local councillor who chairs the Royal Borough’s Pension Panel. This back room panel actually controls the largest sums of money the Borough deals with – in excess of £1bn on behalf of employees past and present. Also he is a former Deputy Mayor and closely involved with the upcoming Magna Carta 800th anniversary.

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Candidates in Furze Platt

Posted by davidburbage on April 12, 2015


Our existing team are running again, and hope to continue their successes.

Hari Sharma is a well known community activist who works for First Group – so transport expertise is always on hand. He’s a key player in the Hindu community and supports the Conservative team with huge efforts.

Mohammed Ilyas is a teacher and also a strong advocate of protecting the green belt near the ward. He made a great speech in front of hundreds of people at a Council meeting when the threat of hundreds of houses on nearby fields came about.

And Derek Sharp – unassuming but a very active councillor. It was he who first proposed getting WiFi into the Town Centre and that’s on the verge of being delivered.



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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Adult Services)

Posted by davidburbage on April 12, 2015


Here I am with Dee Quick at the Boyn Grove Resource Centre in Maidenhead. Not only completed under our administration, and expanded, the centre contains a new library!

Support development of extra care housing to provide solutions for residents with adult social care needs

We’ve improved the facilities at Lady Elizabeth House and more extra care units are in the pipeline.

Preserve respite and day care facilities

Respite policy strengthened, and facilities for day care have been preserved at Lady Elizabeth House

Improve IT use and capabilities for older residents

Facilities introduced at Boyn Grove and Spencer Denney centre

Use new public health responsibilities to improve health outcomes for the borough

We now have significant public health responsibilities; we’re taking action with health checks, smoking cessation campaigns and bowel screening

Fight for local health facilities to be maintained and enhanced across the borough, not cut, removed or centralised to other places

Massive campaigns fought to preserve the local NHS offer at Heatherwood hospital, and also at St Marks in Maidenhead.

Support Ways Into Work in helping residents with learning difficulties to access employment opportunities

More disabled people being helped into jobs and training, also supported at the Rendezvous cafe at the Town Hall

Continue to support SMILE

SMILE support has continued across the Leisure services transfer to Parkwood

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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Crime and Anti Social Behaviour)

Posted by davidburbage on April 11, 2015


Continuing the series looking at the successful delivery of our 2011 manifesto, here’s what we did on Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour. ( . . . all achieved without stormtroopers)

Increase the number of Community Wardens to 18

We’ve had 18 Full Time Equivalent wardens on staff since December 2014.

Extend warden powers further

Wardens now enforce litter, graffiti, fly tipping, dog fouling and others. In 2014/5 we’ve issued 300 litter notices, keeping the Borough Tidy!

Focus support to residents who experience anti-social behaviour, improving the response time for resolution of problems

39% reduction in response times since our commitment was made.

Provide an effective mechanism for resolution of neighbour disputes

An improved protocol has resulted in a reduction in the number of neighbourhood disputes, and difficult cases have been dealt with.

Provide an out-of-hours service for a range of urgent council functions when offices are closed

New support for unauthorised planning issues, late night noise and dangerous structures introduced.

Increase the recruitment of special constables in collaboration with the Thames Valley Police

700 Specials recruited in the Thames Valley Police

Increase CCTV

New cameras installed at Clarence Road, Stafferton Way and Maidenhead Road.

Allow licensing decisions to be taken by local councillors answerable to their electorate

Extending the pool of councillors to a legal maximum, now decisions are able to be taken by more local respresentatives

Campaign to keep local police stations open and ensure better resident access at existing stations

Support for joint working with the police has meant proposals for Windsor are being worked through, and Ascot Police station has been reopened with volunteer support. Parking spaces have been provided outside Maidenhead Police station.

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Candidates in Clewer North

Posted by davidburbage on April 11, 2015


People will remember John Collins, our excellent candidate from the by-election last year. A familiar local face, he’ll get things done in the local area if he’s elected.

Nicola Pryer is a local mum with children in Windsor’s schools. She’s working the public health area, and keeps busy getting the household running smoothly.

Hashim Bhatti‘s family run a local shop and he’s a trainee solicitor. Living locally, he’s a dedicated Conservative and has been campaigning for the party across Windsor for some time now!

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Candidates in Maidenhead Riverside

Posted by davidburbage on April 11, 2015


Three well known residents standing again in Maidenhead Riverside!

One of my two deputies, Simon Dudley ( Twitter ) is seeking another term. He famously sought the nomination for Uxbridge against Boris Johnson, but got beaten by the blonde bombshell. Founding Holyport College with four other colleagues was a fantastic achievement and he’s taken on the transformation of Riverside Primary in the ward.

Andrew Jenner is one of the more familiar names across Maidenhead. He’s been a local magistrate, been the Mayor and operates the very popular café at Riverside Gardens; famous for being famous in the Maidenhead Advertiser.

Adam Smith is a smart and perceptive councillor who rarely seeks the limelight, but his commitment to delivering excellent local services is outstanding. Adam makes a great contribution to the public good in our community.

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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Environment)

Posted by davidburbage on April 11, 2015


The above picture, taken in the floods of 2014 in Hurley, shows just how much effect the environment has on our community. In Wraysbury, Datchet and elsewhere there were serious problems. But environment incorporates everything from bin collection to recycling and our pledges have all been kept.

Keep the weekly bin and enhanced recycling collections

We’ve done this, and we’re now one of the tiny 6% of councils who retain a full service

Plant more trees and woodland

Over 15,000 trees planted in the last five years, supporting air quality and the natural environment

Support residents in installing renewable energy systems

Leaflets available in libraries and information on the Borough’s website

Assist schools in increasing recycling

164 school awareness visits have taken place, and new recycling containers have RFID tags to help monitor school performance

Create more recycling facilties

Extra facilities have been installed across the Borough. Battery and electronic equipment recycling banks have improved resident facilities

Work with the EA to deliver river power through weirs (Archimedes Screw)

Support to MaidEnergy will enable a community shares offer to be made. The Romney Lock river power is now in operation.

Continue to promote car sharing, and reduce dependence on expensive carbon fuel journeys

Car sharing information and promotion is now part of the Borough’s strategy.

Protect the Thames and its environment

Repairs to river banks approved by the EA; planning applications continue to respect the setting of the Thames, and we’ve worked with Datchet Parish Council to improve the riverside park.

Support introduction of additional dog bins where justified and increase action against dog fouling and other littering

Extra dog bins have been provided. More powers against fouling and littering have been given to community wardens to enforce.

Support provision of electric car charge points in partnership with industry

Done, and charging points installed

Enforce eco-friendly planning standards for new buildings in the Borough

Supplementary planning guidance now issued and adopted

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