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The beauty of news spin

Posted by davidburbage on August 14, 2014

So the A-level results are out.

Here’s how the major organisations highlighted the news!



BBC run with the negative, Sky with the positive. Mind you, with the grade inflation of recent years might mean that the negative is a positive.

Just a thought 

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Poor BBC electoral production – worse ahead?

Posted by davidburbage on May 21, 2014


Here, Jeremy Vine shows (briefly) the supposed result of the 2009 Euro elections, with the Conservatives holding virtually all of England and Wales.

Presumably they can’t manage the PR de Hondt system of regional results? They then even break down the voting into constituency level (as if that matters!) rather than offer us a prediction based on the current polls in terms of the MEP results. Will UKIP get 3 or 4 seats in the South East? How will Labour do in the South West? Which region will the LibDems likely hold onto a seat? These would have been interesting questions…..

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BBC London broadcast our piece

Posted by davidburbage on March 2, 2011

 Available online for a short time only


we start about 4 minutes in.

Bob Neill also gives us a credit in his interview, although he didn’t get the name quite right (13:50 minutes in).

Good stuff.

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BBC costs country £3bn by undermining World Cup bid?

Posted by davidburbage on December 2, 2010

OK, so there’s no direct cause and effect, but was it really necessary to bite the hand that feeds?

I wonder, if I’m there as a neutral delegate, am I more or less likely to vote for a nation where the host’s media is openly gunning for the organisers….. rightly or wrongly, it’s not gonna help, is it?!

Not to say I am soft on corruption or malpractice, but there might just have been better times to expose and resolve it.

Apparently we went out on the first round. Thanks, BBC! Another own goal!

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The Most Important News Via The BBC

Posted by davidburbage on March 2, 2010

Soldier killed in Afghanistan? Winston Churchill (grandson of the WWII PM) dies? Agreement on TV debates for the coming election? 700+ Chile earthquake deaths and aftermath? Tories back at 7% lead in the opinion polls?

Nope, it’s none of those. It’s that the BBC is closing a couple of minor digital radio stations and promising some jam tomorrow in terms of reducing expenditure and bloat . . .  but still spending all of the license fee, naturally.

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Alan Johnson on PR

Posted by davidburbage on May 25, 2009

Reported by the BBC – with an informed comment from someone from the Electoral Reform Society in support. No way !

Why don’t they put up a comment from someone opposed to Johnson (rather than a lobbying supporter?). Would they do that with a Conservative proposal . . . ?

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Posted by davidburbage on March 30, 2009

Radio Berkshire had me on talking about the Fire Service proposals – Andrew Peach rather bemused by the idea and suggested we’d be running our own green fire engines. No, I gently pointed out, it’s the funding control rather than changing the whole thing entirely.

Oh well, says Peach, “we’ll see what David Cameron has to say about this, we’ve got him on in 15 minutes

Surprise! So Peach had a little laugh at my expense, saying “I’ve got him worried now“!

As it turned out, it went just fine . . .

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BBC in action, once again, apparently trying to split the Tories

Posted by davidburbage on March 21, 2009

John Redwood on the money again. What a curious collection of interviews cancelled…..

I should point out that Labour’s tax trap soon brought me a phone call from the BBC. Would I like to go on to condemn the 45p? If I said yes, that would make the story “Tory tax wars”, which they would love. Meanwhile yesterday an offer to appear on Newsnight to discuss the debt petered out without any explanation before I had the details of time and place, and an accepted offer to do the Today programme this morning on the same subject was cancelled. Was it something I said, or something I would not say?

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Quantitative easing

Posted by davidburbage on January 8, 2009


John Redwood calls it right again. Given all the increases in public spending not actually supported by increases in productivity or GDP, I have been shouting at the TV/Radio that they have to stop “printing money”. Now it turns out that the BBC think it is a ‘new’ policy as if increases in Government spending, and all that credit, had not turned into money somewhere?

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Oliver Postgate, lamented by the Beeb

Posted by davidburbage on December 10, 2008

Unfortunately he didn’t hold the modern dumbed down in-yer-face-action-audience-grabbing Beeb in quite the same regard. Told where the door was in 1987 by the Beeb, he notes –

The Head of Acquisitions at the BBC outlined the Corporation’s policy in a recent radio programme. She told us: “The children of today are more used to the up-market, faster-moving things” and that “in today’s hugely competitive schedule we are up against about another twelve to fourteen children’s channels and we have got to stand out.”
As a policy that is, in my considered view, almost criminally preposterous.

Firstly because it isn’t true. There is no such thing as ‘the children of today’. Children are not ‘of today’. They come afresh into this world in a steady stream and, apart from a few in-built instincts, they are blank pages happily waiting to be written on.
Secondly because it simply isn’t true that children have to have what they are ‘used to’. They do want programmes that are new to them, programmes that are original and mind-stretching. They just aren’t being offered them.

Lastly, the policy is tragically preposterous because there is simply no need or reason for the BBC to ‘compete and stand out’. It is a publicly funded body and it should know that feeding the minds of young people is a seriousloving responsibility. We ourselves have passed this responsibility on to the BBC and it has no business leaving it to the mercies of a money-grubbing market.

And that was him writing in 2003. Are things better today?


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