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    David Burbage MBE was Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council from 2007-2016. This blog : Promoted by Geoff Hill on behalf of David Burbage and all other Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative candidates, all of 2 Castle End Farm, Ruscombe, Berkshire RG10 9XQ
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Parting speech to Cabinet

Posted by davidburbage on April 28, 2016

I’ve been attending the Cabinet of the Royal Borough for not just the last 9 years, but for over 14 – in the earlier Conservative administration from 2001 – and almost all Cabinet meetings since.

The only times I’ve not been here are either that I’ve been on holiday – or on one occasion, on an operating theatre table.

I know that Members, officers and the media know about the council tax cuts, the increase in libraries and Sunday opening, the weekly bin collections, the 100% delivery of our 2007 and 2011 manifesto pledges, the spending transparency and the investment in roads.

I know you know about the saving of Windsor Fire Station, the planting of over 10,000 trees and this Leader’s fondness for fountains which are springing up, if you forgive the pun, around and about. And shortly on a roundabout!

We allowed all those residents who say they don’t really like council tax cuts to donate back their council tax savings for us to invest in local public services. I think there has been one ever? Maybe two?

Anyway, tens of millions of pounds has been left in local residents’ pockets for them to spend.

Things do take years to complete – we’ve got the new Oldfield School, completed the missing link in the Thames Path and of course we were talking about the great new Stafferton Way Link at Council.

We have 3 new free schools including Holyport College in my ward courtesy of Cllr Dudley, new and improved leisure centre facilities at Cox Green, Charters and Furze Platt, hundreds of streets adopted by residents to keep free of litter, we have Royal Borough Ambassadors and a great big purple Town Crier.

Maidenhead is regenerating, Windsor is thriving, customer services are improving, new bus shelters are standing, grit bins and dog bins are proliferating but traffic lights are disappearing, solar panels and Bright Ideas are happening, to parishes, powers are devolving, Cllr Wilson’s local plan is emerging and the Council is transforming.

I’d like to sincerely thank all of the hard working council officers and tremendous efforts of my fellow Members to help this Conservative administration deliver such amazing results for local people. With our 2015 manifesto being delivered, much more is to come.

Finally, and to lift a quote from Tony Blair’s departing remarks, “Some may belittle politics but we who are engaged in it know it is where people stand tall. If it is, on occasions, the place of low skulduggery, it is more often the place for the pursuit of noble causes.”

Thanks to one and all

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