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Archive for April, 2015

When elections go really bad – Tower Hamlets

Posted by davidburbage on April 30, 2015

One comment to this story caught my eye as a really good point. It was this one :

Big deal. It took four private individuals, including one Ukiper, to risk bankruptcy in order to obtain justice.
Where were the electoral commission, the police, and Eric ? Truly we live in a Banana Republic.

Where indeed were the agencies of the electoral commission and the police? I am not sure the Secretary of State (Eric) has any particular role to play in law enforcement of elections, but if he doesn’t, who does?

The judgement of the Tower Hamlets case is a really good read. The police were certainly there on the day, and saw some of the petitioners’ complaints first hand. The sequence of events at Labour’s NEC meeting as reported in the judgement were fascinating.

The conduct of the Mayor and his team of supporters was atrocious. The false addresses, false residents, the interception of postal votes and the common form of “X” and differing writing of the date of birth to the signature on election paperwork all pointed to fraud.

The large grants to supportive organisations, the intimidation to ordinary voters at the polling station, the rotten campaign against the Labour candidate – all undemocratic.

And the tales in court of various witnesses that proved to be wholly fictitious …

Getting 101 spiritual leaders to write is also not permitted (I wonder if 1 local vicar would be OK ?)

But back to the main point.

It will be very interesting to hear from my colleague Cllr Peter Golds, the local Conservative leader and a stalwart in this case, exactly what representations were made to various agencies prior to the actual petition from the four individuals.

And who should have acted? They do need to explain themselves and collectively we need to ensure how it will get better in future.

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Election fever in Windsor aka “WWRA Photo-Gate”

Posted by davidburbage on April 25, 2015

A number of people – including the press – have remarked about the strangeness of the “team photo” being banded about by the self styled independents – all affiliated or endorsed by the public-office-holding-folks from WWRA.


Here it is, as publicly available on the WWRA website :


It turns out – according to newly affiliated Jon Davey (he’s the guy on the right) – that he indeed was not present when the photo was taken. He says (in answer to my query) it was a chance meeting with Wisdom

“after the original picture had been taken, that introduced me formally to WWRA.”

So somebody – maybe WWRA will be transparent and honest about this – added Jon Davey (according to his pal Franco de Luca – “not his best side”!) to the photograph, making it appear that he was there, when in fact he wasn’t.

In the interests of transparency, integrity, authenticity and honesty … (Cllr Da Costa says he values such things ) –

maybe we can find out from WWRA

1)  Who actually was there?

2) When was it taken?

3) Has anyone else has been “added in”? Or even airbrushed out ?!

Wouldn’t it have been more straightforward to use the original photo?

Stop Press : I see Wisdom has ‘fessed up


Which appears to contradict what Jon Davey has said, because he said he wasn’t actually formally introduced to WWRA until after the photo was taken rather than “not being available”. Is Wisdom telling us everything ?

Wisdom’s excuse is also rather different from Davey’s, who says “Obviously WWRA can’t afford to waste money on professional shoots”

But the bigger question now is can voters believe anything published by WWRA if, as appears to be the case, they are content to be putting out photos which they themselves admit aren’t real original photos.

Catch yourself on, WWRA !

PS Going back in time, photo editing – for political presentational purposes – has a very bad history, and is not something we would choose to do when seeking public office.


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Candidates in Pinkneys Green

Posted by davidburbage on April 18, 2015


Our team in Pinkneys Green are a very capable set of Conservative individuals.

Charles Hollingsworth, the sitting councillor, has been a well known face in Pinkneys Green for many years. After a few goes, he was successfully elected in 2011 and has recently been chairing the Children’s Scrutiny Panel. The issues of roads resurfacing, car park charges at St Marks and the protection of the green belt are all issues Charles has taken up at the Council.

Marius Gilmore moved to Berkshire relatively recently but was pleasantly surprised at the low council tax. He’s keen to get involved in local affairs if elected and has been working very hard in Pinkneys Green to put out the Conservative message.

Shez Courtenay-Smith has lived locally for many years and has recently been involved in highly detailed planning processes to assist local design statements. These skills will be invaluable if elected. She’s been keen to speak to as many people as she can in the ward during the election campaign.

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Our 2015 Manifesto

Posted by davidburbage on April 15, 2015


Without wishing to recreate the posting on the http://www.rbwmconservatives.com website, here’s a link to the announcement here and the PDF itself is here.

I’ll be providing further commentary and supporting information in the future.

But this is plenty to be going on with, I think!

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Royal Borough Manifesto 2015 – coming tomorrow

Posted by davidburbage on April 14, 2015


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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Windsor)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


Continue the fight to keep our 24/7 Fire service in Windsor

In 2009 David Cameron visited Windsor Fire Station, to join our campaign to keep the 24/7 service for Windsor. In 2015, the new fire station at Tinkers Lane opened – and it wasn’t an easy ride! But we did what we said we would do.

Campaign to make Windsor Police station open to the public for greater period of time

Working with Thames Valley Police, we’re in close discussion for a jointly operated resident facility

Pilot the pedestrianisation of Lower Peascod Street

Done – and made permanent

Pursue options to ensure that the night time economy is safe and does not harm residential amenity through any form of ASB or crime

More test purchases, drugs operations, licensing and planning protocol introduced and community wardens to assist on the ground

Continue to support taxi marshalling scheme through key partners


Fight against aggressive clamping operators across Windsor

Done and clamping now abolished

Support the Windsor Legacy Bridge campaign

Resident funding has begun, and the campaign continues

Work to deliver new rowing facilities alongside the Thames

CanRow team working on a Jubilee River facility in partnership with the council and other sports bodies


And That’s It.


We promised 104 items, delivered 104 items; sometimes overdelivered, sometimes in a slightly different way than was envisaged at the time of writing, but outcomes always being achieved.

Doing what we said we would do.


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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Education and Schools)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


We’ve certainly delivered fantastic results in choice and investment in local school. Cllr Bicknell (picture above) has been championing the potential for local grammar school places, and our commitment to excellent local provision continues.

Streamline the applications process for schools admissions

The vast majority of applications are now performed online

Give as many schools choices for parents as possible across local schools

We expanded the choices from 3 to 6 for all school applications

Plan for and support vocational courses for the over 16s

Advanced apprenticeships are up 20% since 2010/11 and we provide weekly updates to students

Work with schools to improve their civic offer eg Adopt-A-Street

Seventeen schools now involved in Adopt-A-Street and we’ve had school visits by waste awareness officers

Continue to offer a comprehensive safeguarding service

A recent Ofsted visit has given assurance we are not in the same boat as Rotherham or Slough! We have been very publicly asking for all agencies to participate in our Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

Support local applications for free schools where appropriate


Three new free schools approved – Holyport College, Braywick Court and now Forest Bridge School

Support redevelopment of the Holyport Manor site for Education purposes

Now a fantastic state boarding school, heavily oversubscribed and popular in the locality



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Delivering our 2011 Manifesto (Leisure and Libraries)

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


We’ve had tremendous success with our parks, libraries and leisure facilities. Popular and open for longer hours, our libraries are some of the most valued community destinations.

Maintain and enhance our parks

New play areas, new table tennis tables, more trees, dog-proof picnic areas and all weather pitches delivered!

Increase gym capacity at our leisure centres

Charters, Magnet and Windsor all have renewed and extended facilities. Furze Platt is a new facility!

Extend and enhance the Borough’s library offer, opening more library facilities and providing a greater range of services

Most libraries are now open on Saturdays and Sundays, WiFi and other great capabilities delivered

Increase volunteering opportunities in the Guildhall Museum and Borough libraries and parks

26 additional volunteers recruited for libraries at weekends, supporting professional staff, and new volunteers for the museum

More fountains for the Borough

Jubilee fountain in Alexandra Gardens at the Goswells very popular, fixed the Guildhall drinking fountain, fixed the Maidenhead library fountain and new fountains coming to the Borough

Extend public sports events in our towns eg road races

Park Runs now introduced through our Bright Ideas programme, football and rugby tournaments and regular triathlons

Introduce a prep/homework service in our libraries for Borough children

Pilot schemes introduced with publicity for residents

Extend youth provision across the Borough

Weekly sessions up 95% since 2011. Attendance levels up 28% since 2011

Fully support better access and business opportunities for 2012 Olympics at Eton Dorney

The Olympics went well!

Maintain support for our Arts Centres

Four year service level agreements in place for regular funding

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Candidates in Horton & Wraysbury

Posted by davidburbage on April 13, 2015


Our two candidates in Horton and Wraysbury are the same team that has served local people so well over the last four years.

Colin Rayner has been one of the most prominent local representatives of the Borough – seen on national and international television during the floods of 2014, he’s also been the Mayor of the Royal Borough and a Cabinet member for Highways and Transport. He farms all across the area.

John Lenton is a dedicated local councillor who chairs the Royal Borough’s Pension Panel. This back room panel actually controls the largest sums of money the Borough deals with – in excess of £1bn on behalf of employees past and present. Also he is a former Deputy Mayor and closely involved with the upcoming Magna Carta 800th anniversary.

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Candidates in Furze Platt

Posted by davidburbage on April 12, 2015


Our existing team are running again, and hope to continue their successes.

Hari Sharma is a well known community activist who works for First Group – so transport expertise is always on hand. He’s a key player in the Hindu community and supports the Conservative team with huge efforts.

Mohammed Ilyas is a teacher and also a strong advocate of protecting the green belt near the ward. He made a great speech in front of hundreds of people at a Council meeting when the threat of hundreds of houses on nearby fields came about.

And Derek Sharp – unassuming but a very active councillor. It was he who first proposed getting WiFi into the Town Centre and that’s on the verge of being delivered.



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