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Education results worldwide

Posted by davidburbage on December 5, 2013

One of the biggest challenges for Government is the improvement of education. Here is an example of why we have such an important role to play, from a comment on this site

I followed the link from the BBC new story and did the test. Question 6 was:

“Helen rode her bike from home to the river, which is 4 km away. It took her 9 minutes. She rode home using a shorter route of 3 km. This only took her 6 minutes.

What was Helen’s average speed, in km/h, for the trip to the river and back?”

You only need to know that speed is distance divided by time to answer this question. So the answer is 7 kilometres divided by a quarter of an hour which is 28km/h.

According to the OECD website only 3% of British 15 year olds achieved level 6 compared to 31% from Shanghai.

I’ve got to say that after over 10 years of compulsory schooling I find it shocking that only 3% can answer this trivially simple question.

Have I misunderstood something about the test?


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