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    David Burbage MBE was Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council from 2007-2016. This blog : Promoted by Geoff Hill on behalf of David Burbage and all other Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative candidates, all of 2 Castle End Farm, Ruscombe, Berkshire RG10 9XQ
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Archive for January, 2013

Cameron’s European Speech

Posted by davidburbage on January 23, 2013

I am pleased that the Prime Minister has lanced the boil of uncertainty and given proper focus to this issue. Local authorities often find European directives and legislation restrict their ability to act effectively in the public interest, creating a lot of avoidable red tape and bureaucracy as a result of all the regulations issued from Brussels. In turn, these can end up being gold plated in the UK, making the problem even worse.

These are tough times; Britain needs a fresh settlement to allow it and Europe to succeed in this increasingly competitive world.

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Maidenhead Food Bank

Posted by davidburbage on January 1, 2013

maidenhead-foodbank┬áVisited Maidenhead’s Food Bank just before Christmas – they were stocked full and yet need more space – we’re doing what we can to locate some better premises.

It does go to show that the welfare state isn’t working terribly well when there’s a rising need, as there has been for the last few years, for direct food charity from local people to those who can’t afford to properly feed themselves and their families – and this in a pretty well-off part of the country.

2013 can be a year of the reality check, when the important things are recognised and the less important are put in their proper place.


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