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    David Burbage MBE was Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council from 2007-2016. This blog : Promoted by Geoff Hill on behalf of David Burbage and all other Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative candidates, all of 2 Castle End Farm, Ruscombe, Berkshire RG10 9XQ
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Archive for August, 2012

RIP Wilson Hendry

Posted by davidburbage on August 29, 2012

Cllr Wilson Hendry, who died early on Sunday morning, will be missed by his colleagues at the Royal Borough.

Cllr David Burbage, Council Leader said “Wilson was a true gentleman, a colleague and a friend who will be missed by his fellow councillors. Always true to himself and others, he had a strong sense of principle. When he got his teeth into an issue, he would always see it through.

I admired Wilson for not only having the political courage to cross the floor – but then retaining his seat under a different political banner. He served as an elected councillor for over 20 years, and the loss of that wisdom on both our licensing and planning committees will be noticed by all who served with him.

He was a fine and generous man – my condolences to Janet and the family at this difficult time.”



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Posted by davidburbage on August 22, 2012

Our former Chief Exec was horrified to learn that he’d made the front page of Private Eye – pictured in the background to a Prince Philip and Prince Charles exchange when Philip became 90.

Now I’m appearing on Guido  (Second row, second pic).

No conference with Ashcroft, Afriyie and Montgomerie is going to be that rebellious, but it should be a good day’s outing.

A whole new conference fringe… !?

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Office of Budget Responsibility rather loose with terminology

Posted by davidburbage on August 14, 2012

Here, Robert Chote repeatedly says (in the second minute) that we either need spending cuts or tax rises. He appears not to be familiar with the widely understood principle of diminishing returns – ever increasing taxes actually reduces revenue, not increases them as people find ways to avoid tax (such as by moving away or deciding not to earn more such that tax rates are too punitive).

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