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Archive for December, 2010

Ed Miliband strikes

Posted by davidburbage on December 27, 2010

 Ed Miliband apparently, in a devastating attack on the seriously insignificant “book” issue, accuses the coalition of a “partial U-turn”.

Must be the beginning of the end . . . . . .

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Friendly Richard Kemp scores another own goal

Posted by davidburbage on December 18, 2010


He was on Radio 4 this morning telling us that Liverpool Council were very good at efficiency savings and wasn’t it terrible that cuts had to be imposed upon local government. Not “regretting that the cuts were necessary because of Labour’s historic reckless overspending”.

Still, as the Audit Commission found in 2008, he would know all about that because Liverpool under the LibDems was reported as the worst Council in the country in respect of financial management….

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BBC costs country £3bn by undermining World Cup bid?

Posted by davidburbage on December 2, 2010

OK, so there’s no direct cause and effect, but was it really necessary to bite the hand that feeds?

I wonder, if I’m there as a neutral delegate, am I more or less likely to vote for a nation where the host’s media is openly gunning for the organisers….. rightly or wrongly, it’s not gonna help, is it?!

Not to say I am soft on corruption or malpractice, but there might just have been better times to expose and resolve it.

Apparently we went out on the first round. Thanks, BBC! Another own goal!

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