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General Election

Posted by davidburbage on May 9, 2010

On the result

Frustratingly close, for the want of a couple of dozen seats, the majority eludes us. One can blame the uneven seat sizes, the equal billing given to “I agree with” Nick Clegg, the votes for UKIP . . in truth, we had a vote bigger than Tony Blair’s in 2005 and gained more seats than in 1979. The silver lining to the ‘almost got there’ cloud is that Labour + LibDems doesn’t equal Majority, which reduces somewhat the options available to the Kingmaker. And, which is probably key, he really doesn’t like the old king at all.

As is often the case in UK Council elections, where the incumbent party loses their majority, it is often the “other two” that gang up to force the old administration out. I have no idea if DC will be PM by early next week, but it’s looking quite possible. We can then start saying “I agree with Nick” more often, and he can start saying “I agree with David”.

Irony of Electoral Reform

I laughed out loud yesterday as a LibDem-voting taxi driver said on the tv, without any hint of irony

“I’m worried about the uncertainty and this hung parliament. What this country really needs is electoral reform.”

On the local results

These were absolutely fantastic. Theresa May increased her majority to over 16,000 – and Adam Afriyie to over 19,000. In both cases the LibDem vote fell significantly; in Windsor by 5% and in Maidenhead the LibDem Tony Hill’s vote fell by 8% compared to 2005.

The other fantastic statistic about the local results is that by vote share, Adam Afriyie’s seat now has the 3rd highest Conservative vote in the country, and Theresa May’s 9th highest. (The 1st is William Hague, 2nd is Dominic Grieve).

Local LibDems looked pretty resigned all night.

At the count

Why is it that Sunderland can declare before Midnight, and we run until 4am or later? If we doubled the number of counting people, then presumably we’d get the result in half the time! Then we could all go to the bar/home and watch the election unfold . . . . !

Also, and in complete contrast to last time, when we had TV cameras at both the Windsor and Maidenhead 2005 counts (for the first black Tory MP, decapitation strategy against Theresa May) this year we had no TV, and next to no journalists either. The photographers outnumbered the journalists at one point. I guess that’s the price of success.

Our Maidenhead agent Keith Baker had to leave at 5am to catch a flight from Heathrow for a well-earned break. Now that’s timing.


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