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Archive for January, 2010

Irrelevant Labour Candidate

Posted by davidburbage on January 26, 2010

Tory Bear has the scoop.

I laughed out loud at this understated observation :

Would anyone have heard of Sally Bercow if she wasn’t married to one of the most important, and neutral men in Westminster? No.

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Red Traffic Light

Posted by davidburbage on January 22, 2010

The front page of the Advertiser carried a big red traffic light. It doesn’t reflect our intentions . . . . more to come.

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Council Tax to be cut by 4%

Posted by davidburbage on January 21, 2010

We announced our proposed Council Tax cut yesterday, embargoed until midnight last night.

I can do no better than link to the various online stories; I’ve an article published on the Blue Blog at conservatives.com , and a different longer one at ConHome.

The Borough press release is here, and the full story is in the Telegraph online although we got badly chopped in the paper (“dead tree”) version . . .

The most difficult question I’ve been asked, which was from Andrew Peach on the radio this morning, “so if you can do it, why can’t other Councils?”.  Not wanting to offend every other councillor in the land, I docked my answer into the safest harbour – and with justification – thanked our officers. After all, they will have to deliver it on the ground.

On the left is Cllr Richard Kellaway, my Lead Member for Finance, and on the right Cllr Alison Knight my Deputy Leader. It’s been a team effort throughout and big savings don’t happen by accident – with support from all of my Cabinet colleagues and Group members we have come up with a great result for residents. Special thanks go to Cllr Phil Bicknell for the banner, to Cllr Liam Maxwell for helping us with the Telegraph coverage, and to André Walker our political assistant in distribution of the news, far and wide. Hopefully our residents will notice!

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Maidenhead’s Street Furniture

Posted by davidburbage on January 19, 2010

PRoM – the cross party Partnership for the Rejuvenation of Maidenhead have been working on standardizing the street furniture to be deployed across the town as funds and developments permit.

Here is the selection – in Maidenhead Blue – of the various items. Click for a bigger picture (apologies for the mobile phone quality of the snaps!)

PRoM is asking for comments on the design and appearance of the furniture. Please write to prom@rbwm.gov.uk – there’s no immediate deadline !

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Guy News Takes Out

Posted by davidburbage on January 2, 2010



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