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Archive for October, 2009

Giving power away

Posted by davidburbage on October 31, 2009

“For all his English wariness of grand plans and ideologies, David Cameron, the Tory leader, is keen on the centrifugal theme. If there is such a thing as Cameronism, it is giving power away.”


hat tip: ConHome.

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Important Visitor

Posted by davidburbage on October 29, 2009


David Cameron visited Windsor Fire Station this week and gave his support to our application, under the Sustainable Communities Act, to decide the level of fire cover in the Royal Borough.

I was lucky enough to join Windsor’s MP Adam Afriyie and other firefighters with David Cameron over a cup of tea where we discussed some of the issues facing the station, the details of our application and the rationale for the sustainability of a locally determined service.

It does surprise me when some people question the merits of localism, because defending the status quo of big government is the antithesis of progress. As I am fond of pointing out, if big organisations have efficiency because of “economies of scale” then the NHS would be the most efficient organisation in the western world ….

In the internet age, you can procure pretty much anything from anywhere for an outstandingly low price.

Our application under the SCA is currently with the LGA and is due to be considered in November. We hope then that the CLG will see fit to grant the relevant legislative changes to make it possible, and then we can Save Windsor Fire Station.

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David Cameron Visits

Posted by davidburbage on October 28, 2009

More soon, but great support from the party leader who visited Windsor Fire Station yesterday. Good to be hosting the boss, with the crews at Windsor and Adam Afriyie.

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Smart Metering

Posted by davidburbage on October 16, 2009

More kudos from the top of the party for our green initiatives….

Smart metering (see link at right hand side of page) of a number of Council buildings is increasing the visibility of our energy usage. Once we’ve had a few weeks the management in the buildings will be able to see that efforts to reduce lighting / heating (tea/coffee …?) to save energy have had an effect.

Amusingly, in the David Cameron speech, he also mentions incentive based recycling that has been piloted at “some conservative councils” but avoids mentioning us a second time, after all that would look like nepotism….

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Conference Credits

Posted by davidburbage on October 10, 2009

Our implementation of spending transparency was a gold star that followed me round last week – I didn’t see Caroline Spelman’s speech but it was just Boris and ourselves that got namechecked.

Fifty years ago, Margaret Thatcher – as a backbencher – championed a bill requiring council meetings to be held in public.

It made local politics more accountable and accessible.

The time has come to do the same with the money.

As you might expect its our councils who lead the way.

Under Boris Johnson, City Hall publishes all expenditure over one thousand pounds.

And Windsor & Maidenhead already publish all spending over five hundred pounds.

We want the rest to be as good as the best.

Attending a fringe meeting with John Redwood, Ruth Lea and Matthew Elliott of the Taxpayers Alliance on the scale of the economic crisis, I was amazed and impressed that Windsor and Maidenhead were credited out of the blue (by Matthew Elliott) with transparency as being one of the ways to keep public spending under control to a very large fringe meeting. (He didn’t even know I was in the audience!)

And keeping public spending under control is something we need to do.DSC01337

And talking to Tim Montgomerie from ConservativeHome, he said “ah, you’ve done the spending transparency – well done!” …..

Now Caroline Spelman is going to legislate for it !

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Blue Bins demo

Posted by davidburbage on October 3, 2009

Last week Nick Herbert, Shadow Secretary for DEFRA visited us to see the Recyclebank pilot in Windsor. Pictured here are Nick, Jason Eldridge our contracts manager and Paul Levett from Veolia.


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