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Archive for August, 2009

An excellent speech on the failure of the Labour Welfare State

Posted by davidburbage on August 27, 2009

Theresa May gave a key speech today, parking our tanks firmly on Labour’s lawn in respect of welfare. They’ve failed. This is my favourite paragraph:

Labour have become a parody of themselves. They argue they are the only party that can represent progressive politics, but oppose the very changes that would deliver on those promises. They argue for good quality education for all, but oppose our proposals to create new, high quality schools. They are meant to be the party of the worker, but support the status quo in a welfare system that traps people out of work. Attacking change is not progressive. There is nothing compassionate, there is no social justice, in paying people to live a life on benefits.

The full text of the speech is here.

I believe there is an embarrassing statistic that no Labour Government has ever left office with unemployment lower than when they came into power – a shocking indictment of the impact of socialist policies on the most vulnerable in society.


Further to this, I see that the Telegraph have highlighted Labour’s “solutions” to welfare problems. It runs like this :

From 1999 onwards, the government – ie the Treasury – abolished family credit, introduced working families’ tax credit, introduced the disabled person’s tax credit, introduced a childcare tax credit, introduced an employment credit, abolished the married couple’s tax allowance, introduced the children’s tax credit, introduced a baby tax credit, abolished the working families’ tax credit, abolished the disabled person’s tax credit, abolished the children’s tax credit, abolished the baby tax credit, introduced a child tax credit, abolished the employment credit and introduced a working tax credit.

Why couldn’t they just implement a system that worked first time around? Why are they so shockingly poor at Government ? How much public and private money has had to be spent making all of these changes?

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Benefit Busters

Posted by davidburbage on August 21, 2009

From Channel 4 last night, it opened with the quote “the total amount paid out in social security benefits now exceeds the total amount of income tax paid”.

Really !!? If so, outrageous.


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£2,500 for feeding the birds

Posted by davidburbage on August 19, 2009

It used to be tuppence a bag


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Simples [*]

Posted by davidburbage on August 7, 2009

I am back from hols….

Having had a bit of time to relax and consider the ways of the world, here’s a simple question to mark (mock?) my return.

Why can’t NHS patients use their mobile phones in hospital wards?

[*] I have been watching too many of the comparethemeerkat.com adverts.

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