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Archive for July, 2009

Norwich North : A Tale of Four Bar Charts

Posted by davidburbage on July 20, 2009

News from the Front……

In a Parliamentary by-election you tend to pick up a number of discarded leaflets from other parties. In particular, ConHome has been running items on dishonest bar charts. Well, Chloe Smith and her campaign team can take a lot of credit for running the only “straight” bar chart out there.

Here is Chloe’s : accurate, and with the bars the right size but putting us in second place (from the 2005 General Election).


 Coming in a poor second is Labour’s bar chart – it’s almost accurate apart from the fact that the LibDem and Green bars don’t really exist.
They use “an opinion poll carried out by ICM only last month”.


Coming in an ever poorer third – but surprisingly, not the worst – is the LibDem leaflet.

Note that the difference in height between Conservative and the Labour bars (10%) is just the same as the difference between
the Labour and LibDem bar, although that’s only a 5% difference


Winning the award for the most misleading bar chart of all is surely UKIP. Here, quoting the Euro elections, the UKIP bar is almost the
same height as the Conservative bar despite being a massive 9% lower numberically – but at just 1% lower than UKIP, a huge gap on the chart emerges
down to Labour and UKIP come out saying “No chance of winning in Norwich North”.

If Labour have no chance at 16%, why are UKIP so confident at 17% ?

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What Council does Cllr Richard Kemp not run?

Posted by davidburbage on July 12, 2009

In my LGA “First” magazine, the LGA Libdem group leader Richard Kemp writes somewhat curiously

“To be clear councillors do not run councils, administer or control them”

Well, that may be his perception from Liverpool, but if it isn’t councillors who run councils (note that a council consists of councillors) then who does??

He regurgitates the Labour CLG jargon of “place shaping” (find me a resident that is running a campaign for their “place to be shaped”), says that Parliament is a Ruritanian monstrosity and says that poor councils have councillors that “play politics and love politicking“.

He writes “We need to share that vision and ensure that the political mandate that we have derived from the electorate is converted to changed priorities both within our council and support agencies (community leadership)“.

Does he mean that if you have a manifesto you should implement it?

Finally, this curiousity “[councillors] know how to argue but stay on the same side“.

Why is the LGA featuring an article that someone from what is reported to be the worst council in England in telling us all how to do it?

“In recent months Mr Bradley’s [LibDem] administration has been beset by problems, become mired in scandal, weighed down by financial deficits and condemned as the worst performing council in England by the Audit Commission. “

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David Cameron gives us a name check at the LGA Conference

Posted by davidburbage on July 3, 2009


DC said :

I really do believe that transparency is one of the absolute keys to delivering this.The expenses saga has been incredibly painful in Westminster – for all parties. But it has taught us some important lessons. I think that the most simple lesson – and the most important one – is this. Once you make information public, in real time, about expenses, MPs both change their behaviour – and claim less.

We need to learn this lesson all the way through the public sector, including in local government. Publishing information about spending, including down to items of just £25,000 as we propose to do nationally, will be painful. Locally I would like us to go further. Windsor and Maidenhead have published every item of spending of £500 or more on line. This will lead to lots of tough questions.

It will give information to oppositions, not just administrations. But it is right.


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