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Archive for June, 2009

Why can’t Gordon just admit he’s wrong

Posted by davidburbage on June 25, 2009

There are a load of different ways that you can correct a mistake without making yourself look too foolish.

Gordon Brown doesn’t appear to know how to do this – Cameron nailed him again and again in the Commons and really made Gordon look silly.

Brown had said capital expenditure would rise every year until the Olympics. It won’t. Would he put the record straight? Not a bit of it….

12.12pm: Does Brown believe that voters are so stupid that he thinks voters won’t notice that spending will fall after debt interest has been taken into account, Cameron says?  That is why the Prime Minister is distrusted, Cameron continues.  Brown’s problem is that he isn’t straight with people and if he can’t be straight with people then he isn’t worthy to be Prime Minister.

from Conservative Home

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Campaigning Libdem Style

Posted by davidburbage on June 10, 2009

This is awesome.

“why does he appear to be carrying a chunk of wall under his right arm?”

I especially like the elephant.

Gosport Libdems

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Go go go!

Posted by davidburbage on June 8, 2009

In another brilliant Hannan speech, Dan quotes Dr Seuss.

The best bit is where he says just like in the Terminator film, it doesn’t matter how many times you blow up the evil robot, it just keeps on coming, weaker, slower and more feeble than before….


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Triumph of bureaucracy over common sense

Posted by davidburbage on June 7, 2009

Story here where a man dies because (apparently) an ambulance driver goes back to base because his shift is ending rather than take the 999 case to hospital.



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Bad night for Labour

Posted by davidburbage on June 5, 2009

Looks like they are going to lose a massive number of seats. And we have taken Devon and Somerset from the LibDems. Shows what happens when voters get a taste of Libdems in power – they don’t really like it after a while.

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Posted by davidburbage on June 3, 2009

Once it was David Miliband, then it was Jack Straw, then it was James Purnell – it was even Jacqui Smith at one point, and also Harriet Harman.

Now, it’s Alan Johnson.

I’m talking of course about the next Labour Leader. He’s in the right place at the right time. He’s sufficiently left wing to carry the union vote, he’s sufficiently Blairite to carry the NuLab vote, he’s sufficiently well known and hasn’t spectacularly failed at anything to be unelectable – although I can’t name anything he’s done that’s good either – but would he be man enough to hold on to the job following an election defeat.

Or would he try to push through his PR proposal first? Trouble is, that might ensure even more Labour MPs lose their jobs than already look likely.

Sky are reporting a plot against Brown. If the postman resigns, or more of the Cabinet – surely surely the game is up.

Not a moment too soon, and roll on the General Election.

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