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Archive for May, 2009

Glorious day for canvassing

Posted by davidburbage on May 30, 2009

Except of course the FA Cup happened along the way.

Still, found plenty of Conservatives along with those who think all politicians are terrible….

Flag test : which is the country shown (the one on the right, natch) ?


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A week a long time in politics? Nah, it’s down to just 16 hours here in the 21st Century

Posted by davidburbage on May 28, 2009

May 27th 9.15pm ToryDiary update: Julie Kirkbride says she can justify all her expense claims and wants to stand again at the next election

May 28th 1.10pm ToryDiary: Julie Kirkbride confirms she is stepping down at the next election

from ConservativeHome

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Modern standards trying to defeat ancient rights

Posted by davidburbage on May 27, 2009

I am outraged of Bray.

The Fishmongers Company have decided to sell the 400 year old almshouses to Bristol Charities, and are promising to decamp the residents. Not very nice. The residents are upset and angry that the gift from William Goddard in 1595 to provide for the poor and needy of Bray is being wantonly ripped up – the residents are to be evicted, rehoused, and then rehoused again when some new building is built. No wonder they are awake at night, shaking and stressed that their homes are going to be taken away from them.

And why? Well, the reason could well be money – ironic, huh, for a charity.

But money could be the reason because of Government Regulation. I am finding out.

Also, is it a coincidence that the Chief Executive of Bristol Charities (David Jones) has a namesake with one of the Trustees of the Fishmongers’ Company (David Jones)?

Why should the homes, community and lives of the people of Bray be hived off to a company dedicated to the wellbeing of people in Bristol ?

Jesus Hospital is a beautiful Grade I listed building that is a tranquil and perfect solution to the poor and needy elderly of Bray. The best solution is ‘don’t do anything’.

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Alan Johnson on PR

Posted by davidburbage on May 25, 2009

Reported by the BBC – with an informed comment from someone from the Electoral Reform Society in support. No way !

Why don’t they put up a comment from someone opposed to Johnson (rather than a lobbying supporter?). Would they do that with a Conservative proposal . . . ?

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“wholly, necessarily and exclusively”

Posted by davidburbage on May 16, 2009

It is indeed standard tax accounting jargon – “wholly, necessarily and exclusively” as a description of what expenses can be claimed by MPs.

As a councillor, if we stray across a fine line of the discredited Standards Board for England we are investigated and can face all kinds of sanction for often rather trivial transgressions. I sympathised with Ken Livingstone who had to risk personal bankruptcy just to clear his name because he’d insulted a journalist – offensively yes, but not illegally. An unelected bureaucrat tried to suspend him and he had to go to the High Court to clear his name.

Compare and contrast with MPs. Only now, when the full picture is becoming known of the claim “culture”, does the bright light of transparency and public scrutiny start to illuminate where our taxes are being spent and the standards that have not been kept. The Commons’ own Standards and Privileges Committee is going to be busy…

Putting aside the (what appear to be) criminal claims for mortgages that didn’t exist by a couple of Labour MPs, the purchase of rugs, mirrors and food can hardly meet the test of “wholly, necessarily and exclusively”. If you don’t have a smart mirror, you can still do the  job of making laws, holding the Govt to account, and answering correspondance. And, like the rest of us, you have to eat to stay alive regardless of whether you are being an MP at the time!

A great analysis of what the Great British Public are saying is described on the Telegraph Letters Editor’s Page which include some true gems such as

“I wonder,” wrote a reader from Lancashire, “how many MPs have claimed for the spades they are digging themselves holes with.”


If MPs don’t even know where they mainly live,” wrote an ironically minded reader from Essex, “is it any wonder the country is in such a mess?”

A further irony is that the country is indeed in such a mess and that this is distracting those in Government from sorting it out.

A wholly inexcusable situation, but remember, all paid for with our taxes.

David Cameron is spot on – and putting Gordon to shame. Roll on the election.

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MPs Expenses

Posted by davidburbage on May 13, 2009

Everyone and his dog has commented on this, and I don’t really have much to add apart from to say that councillors get no such second home allowance or are able to claim for interior designers or trouser press devices….

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