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Rotten Boroughs

Posted by davidburbage on April 29, 2009

Private Eye has a regular column about the misdeeds and goings-on around the country in various local authorities called “Rotten Boroughs”.

One of my favourite online haunts is Old Grumpy who tells fantastic stories of the goings on in Pembrokeshire. The Time Lord is one of the best things I’ve seen online!

But I’ve not heard about this one before though – the sorry tale of LibDem Somerset Council Council – in which nobody seems to come out of it with any credit apart from the “victim” – a Libdem county councillor – who appears to remain the unfortunate victim. Iain Liddell-Grainger, a Somerset Conservative MP, raised the issue in the Commons. It’s bonkers that he has to do this, as he describes at some length.

I would ask my local Libdem friends to see what they can do to help….


4 Responses to “Rotten Boroughs”

  1. Richard Coe said

    Interesting you are a fan of Mr Phibbs pages – I wonder David if you support his views as recounted in the Mirror in February?

  2. Carmarthenshire County council has changed it’s constitution (last May) to enable three senior officers to instigate libel proceedings on behalf of council officers, this seems very wrong and could lead to taxpayers money being used to silence the taxpayer. I am interested in any comments as I believe this is a unique situation in the UK.

  3. davidburbage said

    I believe it is case law that local authorities can’t be libelled. It may be possible for individual officers to be libelled, but I’m not familiar with the situation in Carmarthenshire.

  4. Thanks for your reply. You are right about the case law and it is possible to libel an individual officer. It is a very grey area as to whether they should be funded by the council. I believe the officer who brought libel proceedings against us was funded by the council as a way of circumventing the law, but this has been denied. It was as a result of the case the the constitution was amended. Until then funds could only be used to defend a libel claim.
    The officer may well have had a right to expect the council to fund his claim openly but he, and they, knew that this would have caused a problem with regards to the council acting ‘ultra vires’.

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