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Archive for April, 2009

Rotten Boroughs

Posted by davidburbage on April 29, 2009

Private Eye has a regular column about the misdeeds and goings-on around the country in various local authorities called “Rotten Boroughs”.

One of my favourite online haunts is Old Grumpy who tells fantastic stories of the goings on in Pembrokeshire. The Time Lord is one of the best things I’ve seen online!

But I’ve not heard about this one before though – the sorry tale of LibDem Somerset Council Council – in which nobody seems to come out of it with any credit apart from the “victim” – a Libdem county councillor – who appears to remain the unfortunate victim. Iain Liddell-Grainger, a Somerset Conservative MP, raised the issue in the Commons. It’s bonkers that he has to do this, as he describes at some length.

I would ask my local Libdem friends to see what they can do to help….

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IDS and Hannan

Posted by davidburbage on April 18, 2009

Great morning listening with a few hundred others at Ascot Racecourse to IDS and Dan Hannan. IDS was late because of an unplanned trip to A & E !

Word to remember to use more : Quangocracy

Hannan was also flogging his book The Plan of course. I’d already bought it, so not only have I paid £2 more than everyone else, I’m also now one of the people without a signed copy… but I do highly recommend it. It’s got a lot of relevance to issues we face at the Royal Borough!


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Posted by davidburbage on April 14, 2009



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Windsor Wheel

Posted by davidburbage on April 14, 2009

The blue team really hit the news last week with an incident at the formal opening of the Windsor wheel. Without repeating the press coverage, a nasty fight broke out and was prevented from getting worse by the brave intervention of two of my colleagues.

What was most noticed by those involved – which by the end of the incident, included me – was the lack of police, and what seemed to be an age before anything happened. In fact, it was only when I asked one of my colleagues to flag down a police car that was driving around, that an officer came out to speak to the witnesses and victims.

It was such a contrast to the situation I found in Hammersmith and Fulham, where additional 24/7 policing has been paid for by Westfield/H&F Council/others. We part fund 4 additional PCSOs but the TVP doesn’t ask us where they are to be deployed, and when we ask, we are told that they are used to boost the existing force, and that they are very grateful.

It must be time for increased accountability, in this area of public expenditure. Crime is usually at the top of the “issues” list, yet it is extremely difficult for elected politicians (whether local or national unless they’re the Home Secretary) to make any change in policy or direction. That’s not to say that neighbourhood policing is bad, or that NAGs don’t work, or that the police don’t care ; it’s just that we haven’t got the power to change anything – despite paying for policing services through local taxes.


The incident took place some time after this picture was taken (I took this photo when on the wheel) – behind where the train was parked towards the coach park.

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Mr Burbage goes to Petersfield

Posted by davidburbage on April 2, 2009

Went on a road trip yesterday to East Hampshire District Council .

Very innovative stuff going on down there, we exchanged a good number of ideas on income generation, how they achieved zero percent Council Tax increases for the last three years, and what worked, what didn’t work.

Well worth it, as is often the case when you network with sharp minds.

This is me with Cllr Ferris Cowper, Leader of the Council.


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Another bit of Hannan Wisdom

Posted by davidburbage on April 2, 2009

Talking to a US talk show, about how the US decentralises whereas Europe centralises – he says

“Your constitution begins ‘We the people’. The EU’s begins ‘I, the King of the Belgians’ “

Great stuff

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