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Archive for December, 2008

The Wisdom of Mary Poppins

Posted by davidburbage on December 26, 2008

Mr. Dawes Sr.: While stand the banks of England, England stands – whoa, whoa…!
[Mr. Dawes lurches forward, the others steady him]
Mr. Dawes Sr.: When fall the banks of England… ENGLAND FALLS!
[Mr. Dawes falls backward; the rest of the Board of Directors have to catch him]

Oh the irony.

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Lament of the day

Posted by davidburbage on December 17, 2008

Why do people on main roads stop to let people (coming the other way who are not obstructing the traffic) turn?

This morning I returned from Holyport to the Town Hall, was waiting in the filter lane to turn into Upper Bray Road (that the Council put in a few years ago), not obstructing the traffic when someone coming the other way, towards Windsor, with 2 people behind him, slowed down to let me turn.  Had he not slowed down, I would probably have turned almost as soon (when the 3 cars had passed) and also he wouldn’t have inconvenienced the people behind him.

How does one fix this problem? I have no issue with people letting me turn if there’s a big jam or queue that is going nowhere, but on a normal road in normal conditions, why don’t we just get on and drive?

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Oliver Postgate, lamented by the Beeb

Posted by davidburbage on December 10, 2008

Unfortunately he didn’t hold the modern dumbed down in-yer-face-action-audience-grabbing Beeb in quite the same regard. Told where the door was in 1987 by the Beeb, he notes –

The Head of Acquisitions at the BBC outlined the Corporation’s policy in a recent radio programme. She told us: “The children of today are more used to the up-market, faster-moving things” and that “in today’s hugely competitive schedule we are up against about another twelve to fourteen children’s channels and we have got to stand out.”
As a policy that is, in my considered view, almost criminally preposterous.

Firstly because it isn’t true. There is no such thing as ‘the children of today’. Children are not ‘of today’. They come afresh into this world in a steady stream and, apart from a few in-built instincts, they are blank pages happily waiting to be written on.
Secondly because it simply isn’t true that children have to have what they are ‘used to’. They do want programmes that are new to them, programmes that are original and mind-stretching. They just aren’t being offered them.

Lastly, the policy is tragically preposterous because there is simply no need or reason for the BBC to ‘compete and stand out’. It is a publicly funded body and it should know that feeding the minds of young people is a seriousloving responsibility. We ourselves have passed this responsibility on to the BBC and it has no business leaving it to the mercies of a money-grubbing market.

And that was him writing in 2003. Are things better today?


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Jacqui Smith expects us to believe …

Posted by davidburbage on December 2, 2008


She is repeatedly asked whether she knew an MP was being investigated by the police, and she repeatedly refuses to answer, fudging with a ‘I did not know the specifics’ which doesn’t even sit as a straight denial that she didn’t know it was Damian Green.

Therefore, we have to conclude that the Home Secretary knew that an MP was involved but apparently didn’t ask (or wasn’t told, erm, yeah) who the MP actually was. This is not credible.

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Just for security purposes

Posted by davidburbage on December 2, 2008

Crazy bank requests me today to remember an additional piece of information to access their online services. This brings to a grand total of 6 the number of items I need (if I play ball) to access their systems.

I need to know my

1- account number. I also need to remember that, if I type it in as per the statement, it won’t work because the bank statement is produced using some ancient mainframe software and forgets the leading zero giving a seven digit rather than an eight digit code.

2 – my sort code

3 – my online account code (six digits and two letters)

4 – my online password (some number of letters and digits)

5 – my online memorable word

6 – (NEW!) they want to remember a new 6 digit special number. After some pressing it turns out that this enables me to self-service over the phone. Now, if they had introduced a smart way of using the online password that would have been better…..

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More Christmas Lights

Posted by davidburbage on December 1, 2008

Youtube video now at maidenhead.net

Lights go on one minute in


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