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Archive for November, 2008

Christmas lights switch on

Posted by davidburbage on November 29, 2008

Great decision to move switch-on to the Town Hall -> Plus fireworks


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Still here

Posted by davidburbage on November 29, 2008

With apologies for a lack of posts, just had a busy week or so. Normal service to be resumed asap

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Baby P

Posted by davidburbage on November 19, 2008

Very occasionally, the telephone rings from the Council and it’s an officer calling, telling me “there’s something you need to know”. I worry that it is going to be something bad like the Baby P case; fortunately, this has never happened (and not to my recent predecessors either).

 Writing here in the Guardian the local Libdem MP Lynne Featherstone attempts to draw some conclusions “My wrath now is not towards the social workers who made mistakes, but towards the system that let them.” It’s the system, apparently.

But this post isn’t to highlight the views of Ms Featherstone, but a letter written in response. I can do no better than reproduce it in full….. from a commentor called ‘Osho’.

Dear Ms Featherstone

I think the people who should truly say sorry for such events are the opinion leaders of the Guardian. Please allow me to explain.

Last week I visited (as a doctor) a family in a council estate. The mother was concerned about her 12 year old son. She was very pleased that her older son was now on incapacity and would therefore do well for himself in terms of money. There is nothing wrong with this older boy that makes him incapacitated, but that is another story. She also had a 14 year old daughter, who while I was there, constantly argued with her mother demanding money for cigarettes. The three children had three different fathers, all absent. The kids, while I could see were still children, gleamed with malignant insolence. I can see them turning into damaged adults. I feel sorry for the trap they are in – the trap created directly by the welfare state whereby the family, and all those in the neighbourhood, see welfare as a lifestyle option. They live in squalor but have more wealth than most people I knew in India; they certainly have more material comforts than I ever had growing up in Delhi.

The Guardian describes such families as poor. The Labour party wants to throw money at the family. The Guardian readers blame Margaret Thatcher for this state of affairs, smug in their modern pieties, their intellectual laziness, and their stupidity masquerading as sanctimonious concern. I used to work with slum children in Delhi; they had very little, but even the most physically disabled amongst them made an effort.

There is no hope for Britian. Civilisations dont die, they commit suicide. And before they commit suicide, they read and believe the Guardian.

I truly and deeply feel sorry for all the children who are the victims of the welfare state. Things are much, much worse for the slum children in India, I saw more dignity among them and certainly greater hope.

I am not sure if you will understand this message. I am too tired to explain further. Either you will get or you wont. Either way, it will make no difference to anything.

 Hat tip : The Welfare State We’re In

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EU economics for the layman

Posted by davidburbage on November 10, 2008

As Daniel Hannan says (in noting that the EU has once again failed to lodge accounts that audit ok)

“A final observation. Britain is the second-largest net contributor to the EU budget after Germany. If we withheld our subs, we’d have enough to give the entire country a two-thirds reduction in council tax. At a time when all three parties are casting around for a way to fund tax-cuts, I thought that might be worth mentioning.”

You see, what we get for our EU contributions – Council Tax 200% higher than it could be.

The things you can do with statistics !

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Posted by davidburbage on November 9, 2008

From YouTube

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How Obama raised the cash and out-campaigned McCain via the Net – and on the ground

Posted by davidburbage on November 2, 2008

Article by  Liam Maxwell here – follow links through to CPS paper itself.

Liam also has a blog (see blogroll) – and I’ve just appointed him to my Cabinet to take care of the new Policy and Performance service at the Council.

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Brilliant Rory Bremner

Posted by davidburbage on November 2, 2008

on tonight’s Bremner Bird and Fortune

as Gordon Brown, he says “as I helped the banks get into their mess, it’s only fair that they helped me get me out of mine. You can’t put a price on that!

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