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The Wisdom of Gordon

Posted by davidburbage on October 28, 2008

Gordon Brown  has urged energy firms to reduce petrol prices and household fuel bills to reflect the sharp fall in global oil prices in recent weeks.

When Gordon’s tax makes up over 65% of the petrol price, it’s a bit rich asking for other people to make cuts in their income when Gordon won’t make cuts in his own slab of taxable petroleum.

As it says on Wiki here without the tax we’d be paying about 37p per litre. It’s hard to believe we’d use cars three times as much (which would be the straight-line argument for keeping the tax at its current level) if prices reflected the base product cost.

That said, on the flip side having the fuel tax does mean that those who use their vehicles do contribute more to the Exchequer than those who don’t, which is fair enough. I’m just concerned about the pure level of the tax.


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