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Nu Labour’s way of running the country

Posted by davidburbage on March 5, 2008

Stupid stupid stupid ! That’s what went through my mind when I heard about Labour minister Margaret Hodge’s attack on the Proms. Why does Nu Labour keep on trying to break all that is historic (like the Lord Chancellor, like the House of Lords, like top universities, like private schools, like our international borders) – and impose its mantra of mediocrity on all of us with school lotteries and the like.

It’s not as if they are able to make things run any better with pots and pots of extra money. Our money. Despite “investing” countless billions into the NHS, it now turns out that it takes even longer than in 1997 to get seen. It’s actually 20% worse now than when Nu Labour came to power! Where has all the money gone? Some has gone on paying GPs more, to do less – loads is spent on expensive pharmacy bills – in total, in 2007/8, the amount of our money that the Government spends on the NHS is now some £92 billion compared to £33 billion in 1996/7. In real terms an increase of over 50% !

In 2005, Civitas issued a paper examining whether things had improved – conclusion, not really. Here is one of the simple statements from that paper –

Cancer and heart disease are the main causes of premature death. How does the NHS compare? A BMJ study ranked the UK 19th out of 19 countries on ‘mortality amenable to health care’.

 This Government likes runs things from the centre – and wonders why things don’t work out…. if only we could have an NHS where the patient has the effective budget, where those needing a service can decide who is best placed to provide for the healthcare that is needed – in short, why should a taxpayers’ choice be more restricted, by Government, when one comes to try to repair a broken arm, than when one wants to repair a broken fence? It can be publicly funded, as now, but the consumer should be king, not the producer.


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