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Advertiser and letters

Posted by davidburbage on February 14, 2008

The debate moves on – I spent some time preparing my words for the Advertiser and will put a copy on the letters page here for reference.

 A good crop of letters on the letters pages; on the subjects that we’re concerned with on the Council too.

Tricia Cook on Post Offices – a lot of people across the country, entertainingly including Labour MPs, are protesting about the loss of post offices. Yet the closures continue. Why won’t the Government give something directly to help local communities rather than waste all their  our money funding ID cards and paying millions in fines to the EU for late payment of the farmers?

St Marks – the town badly needs to have a Minor Injuries Unit. Local availability of health services is so much better than forcing people to drive miles and miles…

Bob Eagle and M Gill  both write on the allowances – Bob uses a CPI comparison rather than the RPI we’ve used for Council Tax. We chose RPI because it is that which is used to uprate pensioners’ pensions, and it is they who are most affected by Council Tax rises. That isn’t to say by the time the bills land that our proposed 2.4% increase won’t in fact be below the CPI for April, but we had to put a stake in the ground somewhere and September RPI seemed the best guide. Our allowances are taxed and subject to NI, yes, Bob. M Gill’s comment that the town will not improve because we’ll get a lower class of people standing who won’t deliver for the town doesn’t bear analysis – Bracknell pay the highest in Berkshire and as last weeks’ Advertiser proclaimed, they’ve got a £750 million town centre investment going ahead…! [edit: they also were just judged a four star excellent council, and the best in Berkshire] You might also note the very low historically levels at the Royal Borough and ask why Maidenhead is in the state reported by the Advertiser last week, too …

Tim Atkinson wants great shops. Name And Address Supplied notes the Grenfell Island redevelopment (!) and wants a John Lewis. So do many people, and that would be a coup if we could find a place and they were interested.

Alex Robertson wants the Council to do deals on lower business rates – but we don’t have the power to do that, neither do we get the revenue from business rates either.

Peter Wilton is happy we have a low-rise town, and John Davidson thinks that the Sainsbury’s development could be a whole lot better.

Finally, Richard Hogg writes to note that the Conservative Council have finally fixed the issue with Murrin Road’s alley gates. Yes we have!


2 Responses to “Advertiser and letters”

  1. Richard Coe said

    Interesting in this comment you want to use RPI to measure inflation – whereas in your letter from last year (also on this site) you attack the Lib Dems for raising council tax more than inflation as measured by CPI – even though their last year’s rise was below RPI. You seem to want to make it up as you go along on which inflation measure you are going to use David.

    The choice is logical either CPI because it is the government’s preferred measure or you could chose RPI on the basis you think it is a fairer measure. You seem to want to switch between the two depending on which helps you most at any given moment.

  2. davidburbage said

    Richard (Libdem agent), I don’t mention CPI at all.

    I say in the letter that you refer to “With an inflation-busting 3.8% rise, those on low and fixed incomes such as pensioners, will be hardest hit.”

    Your 3.8% rate for 2007/8 busted the inflationary increase of 3.6% that pensioners received, based on September RPI, leaving Borough pensioners poorer. I think you me an apology, and pensioners too. Your Leader made similarly ill-founded claims at last night’s council and had to withdraw them, coincidence?

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