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Posted by davidburbage on January 31, 2008


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Back to business

Posted by davidburbage on January 29, 2008

After a week away, I’m back to the business of Council.

Tonight we have two important papers coming before a special Council – we have to appoint a new Chief Executive (announced as Ian Trenholm, currently a senior officer at Bucks CC) and we also have to take a vote on the recommendations for Members allowances. Always a tricky issue because they are not set centrally or by statute, we get to vote on it ourselves (and take the flak or compliments). The Council is advised by an independent panel who met over a number of days before Christmas, and they put together a detailed report which we consider tonight.

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New Chief Exec

Posted by davidburbage on January 16, 2008

We’ve spent the last two days in the final process of recruiting a new Chief Executive at the Royal Borough.

 All – well, not all, but some things – will be made clearer shortly, but it has certainly been an enlightening and challenging experience from the start.

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US Presidential coverage

Posted by davidburbage on January 7, 2008

I am probably not alone in wondering why, in all of the column inches and minutes and hours of radio and TV airtime covering the US presidential elections, there is so little mention of policy, and what it would likely mean for the world if we have Romney/Huckabee/McCain/Guiliani/Clinton2/Obama etc. World trade, free trade, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan – international relations … who would do what?

I hear plenty about Obama-this and Clinton-that, McCain-this and Romney-that but the names are surely just names unless there is anything attached to the differences.

In the Times this morning there was a long article by Tim Hames . Googling for today’s link came up with this –  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/tim_hames/article1368847.ece – also supremely short on policy differences and long on all about the personalities.

I am already tired of hearing that the Democratic race is so they have a candidate that, if they win, will be either the first black president or the first woman president – like, how could anyone have missed that !

 Hames’ article today (he’s not the only culprit) here is similarly devoid of policy information – we learn more about the 1924 Democrats than the 2008 ones, apart from Obama’s rhetoric is ‘liberal’. It’s a start, maybe.

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Posted by davidburbage on January 4, 2008

Paul Ayres writes to the Observer about the failed Windsor Arts Centre operating company – I will only comment that in the last 10 months of 2007 the Council put in 80% more of the local public’s money, above the agreed funding, debts having accumulated over a number of years despite (or maybe because of?) the increase in turnover. Anyway, there are a number of positive proposals for arts provision in Windsor coming forward and I know the Trustees will look at these once the Administrator has sorted out the current situation.

John Allison writes to the Express saying that “if pre-pay is better than paying on return, why has Reading Queen’s Road car park just made precisely the opposite change?”. I can imagine someone writing to the Reading press saying “if pay on return is better than pre-pay, why has Maidenhead’s Nicholson Car Park just made precisely the opposite change?”….

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Garden Grabbing

Posted by davidburbage on January 2, 2008

Cheltenham Conservatives have a campaign page dedicated to protecting Green Gardens.

We have exactly the same problem in the Royal Borough and Shoppenhanger’s Road in Maidenhead is symptomatic of the problem that ‘brown field’ doesn’t just refer to old car parks or derelict warehouses, but it refers to the green lungs of our back gardens where wildlife thrives. We are looking at ways to strengthen our policies to defend back gardens from developers whilst we still have this Government definition that means green is brown.

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