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Archive for December, 2007

DfT exhibition

Posted by davidburbage on December 17, 2007

The DfT are visiting Windsor today and I visited earlier to have the essentials of the third runway consultation drummed into me by the head guy there. It appears the menu on offer is Third Runway Express (with optional side orders of mixed mode and Cranford sauce). There isn’t a ‘No More Runways’ option.

It reminds me of the consultation for the local PCT reorganisation. It was either East Berkshire and something else, or East Berkshire and something else. In both cases our local PCT became East Berkshire… not a very helpful choice for local people.

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Jury Service

Posted by davidburbage on December 14, 2007

In June I posted up my summons for jury service which was postponed six months.

On Monday I trooped off to Reading to await my fate – have  sat on a case, now completed. In case of stating anything that is not allowed, I won’t post anything about the case itself.

I was impressed with the smooth operation of Reading Crown Court. Despite having numerous cases on their hands which can be “For Plea”, “For Sentence”, “For Trial”, “Trial (Part Heard)” and a whole host of other legalistic reasons that a court is required, the movement of jurors, witnesses, lawyers and staff all happens in a well-oiled manner.

The jury I sat on was a good natured bunch and we had no unpleasant exchanges; we got to resolve our case after a few hours consideration. The inevitable “black cap” humour and jokes about small things that happened in court kept us all in reasonable spirits. You become very familiar with “your” seat, your waiting area and the habits of fellow jurors. Another juror said to me that they were impressed with “the system” – of English justice – and how it all worked.

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When time moved again

Posted by davidburbage on December 9, 2007

OK, I got a new photo of the clock, which (fortunately, because the Advertiser sent a photographer to get the proof) was working.

More than can be said for The Bear, the famous big pub on the High St, whose clock was wrong. There are two bears,  however!


Clock on a pole, working.


Bear with clock, stopped.

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When time stood still …

Posted by davidburbage on December 5, 2007

I am reminded by Richard Davenport of the Waterways Group that we had both noted that the Seiko clock-on-a-pole which is down the High St, by the York Stream, had been stopped, and not-working, for years and years.

A few months ago we got Seiko to come along and fix it, and Borough staff cleared away some vegetation. I am pleased to say that time no longer stands still. Haven’t got a photo to show you what it looks like, but if you want to know the time on the lower High St, you can now look at the Clock-On-A-Pole.

Update : found a photo I took of it in the summer. I need to find an ‘after’ photo.

High Street Seiko Clock

If anyone knows where I can get hold of a copy of an ELO B-side “When Time Stood Still” (part of it here on Youtube), can you let me know? thanks

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