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Advertiser Letters

Posted by davidburbage on September 6, 2007

School meals – Gavin Ames writes with a lot of the problems affecting the school meals service. There isn’t much in the way of solutions offered therein, however. Because there is not an easy commercial proposition that can pay for school meals, either the taxpayer pays more, or the parents pay more. Mr Ames’ assertion that the tendering company has it easy is way off the mark, because if it was that cushy a deal we would be choosing from lots of applicants interested in free money, which simply isn’t the case. It is also not surprising that we like many other local Authorities are in this difficult position.

 Should we have shorter library opening hours to pay for more peas and beans? Or tax people a bit more, who, let’s not forget, have already paid a great deal of extra tax to the Government since 1997 (a fair amount of the extra having gone to schools!)

 There are no easy choices here, otherwise it would have been solved already.

 S E Kenny writes about the new parking. People have been able to park all day for a pound or two in Windsor by getting a fresh ticket. This is nothing new. The only difference is that the Council will be a pound or two worse off (compared with the issues above, this is pretty small potatoes, forgive the pun). Apparently the culprit is the underlying legislative parking order that is ‘pay and display’ not ‘limited waiting’. We may have more options when decriminalised parking comes about next year to prevent the existing and previous abuse of the pay/display machines.

Diana Coad writes about the EU Treaty Referendum (or the lack of it). Apparently the fact that 95% of the changes remain that were in the Constitution that Gord said would entitle us to a referendum counts for nothing. When he was on the radio this week I sensed him chalking up a ‘backstop’ position by saying that there could be no reneging on some of the “details” that had been agreed during the discussions. This serves him two purposes – he has his trump card vs Europe (you will all lose if we vote this down so give us what we want) and he has his get-out (we didn’t get all we expected from the “detailed discussions”) if the heat from his own MPs becomes too great.


One Response to “Advertiser Letters”

  1. Paul Baker said

    Re the free parking all day letter…was quite amused at this one. He or she worries it will be “horrendous” when this loophole becomes well known.

    Perhaps writing to the letters page of the area’s biggest selling weekly paper wasn’t such a good idea then S?

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