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Archive for July, 2007

Flooding pics

Posted by davidburbage on July 21, 2007

flood1.jpg Shoppenhangers Road around 1pm

furzeplattinfants.jpg Courtyard at back of Furze Platt Infants school. The lady had seen the school on ITV’s lunchtime news and brought a pump. Their hall and four classrooms were flooded out.

wootonway.jpg Just off Wooton Way, this puddle didn’t drain away – the Council pump unit was on its way. We visited the people living in the ground floor of the flats on the top left of the picture whose downstairs had been flooded largely as a result of lorry drivers going through deep water and creating waves into their houses.

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Posted by davidburbage on July 20, 2007

Maidenhead has been flooded today. The roads being full of water and the sheer weight of water that fell on us from 6am until about now (the sun is shining as I type this) at 1.35pm has caused traffic chaos and closed a number of schools; a number of homes have been flooded and news is still coming in.

I have taken some photos but you can see plenty on the national BBC site (of Maidenhead).

Council officers saw it coming and ensured they were ready with sandbags etc although they also got held up in the traffic problems in this morning’s rush hour.

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Advertiser Letters

Posted by davidburbage on July 19, 2007

A predictable rich crop following the front page last week on the smoking story.

The problem appears to be that, specifically at the Greyhound pub on Queen St that patrons will stand outside, smoking, pint on window cill, their smoke then goes directly in to the tables which are by the window making the ‘no smoking’ rule a bit silly.

The problem is how to fix it. The Advertiser story wasn’t exactly clear about the problem that had occurred but I’ve seen people doing exactly what the problem is. I would not want to sit right next to someone who is smoking if I did not like the smell – and would not want my choice of table restricted by their habit!

It’s very easy to jump to the conclusion of overzealous officials ‘just doing their job’ – very easy indeed. How do you explain to a customer exactly why they are still getting smoke in their face, in the pub, when the rules just changed to prevent exactly that?

anyhoo, to the others

Mast Art –  yes, I’d like to know exactly where this nonsense comes from!

N&A Supplied (Hines Meadow) – wants traffic wardens.

Andy Heape – doesn’t

J Stanton – we asked BT to take out the full page ad to explain the roadworks, which they have done on page 25. Good stuff. I can’t remember communication as straightforward as that in recent times. I believe that BT and Southern Electric are actually fixing stuff in the works at the moment because they have a deal. Apparently the ditch is a real mess of cables “a hell of a job” and someone has promised me a snapshot which I am waiting for.

Libdem candidate – he omits to mention the 1% annual property tax that they actually consider satisfactory here

“3.2.3 There are satisfactory models elsewhere, notably Denmark where a national 1% property tax (with an allowance for low value property) has operated for 80 years.”

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Lottery win for NHS departee

Posted by davidburbage on July 17, 2007

“David Johnson, the former head of a regional strategic health authority, was one of about 70 staff who left the organisation when it was abolished as part of a restructuring programme. The 50-year-old received a package worth £899,810 including salary and pension arrangements.”

Described as “a lottery win rather than a payout”, Mr Johnson’s package is part of the estimated £320m splashed out by the NHS in redundancy payments during the current crisis.

This is from http://burningourmoney.blogspot.com/2007/07/land-of-golden-goodbyes.html

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Election time again!

Posted by davidburbage on July 16, 2007

Went down to Ealing Southall on Saturday to help in the by-election campaign. It appears to be a two-way battle between Labour and Conservatives, and that’s what our literature is saying “Libdems can’t win here”. The Libdem literature says “The Tories can’t win here”,  unsurprisingly, with differing graphs as to the reasoning why…

Here am I delivering literature – ealing_southall.jpg

Here is a confused shop – Confused

And here is the Libdem team complete with balloons and Vince Cable – Libdems

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Maidenhead streets

Posted by davidburbage on July 5, 2007

Utilities can come along and dig up the streets without warning – for emergencies. I am rather baffled how such an emergency can result in nobody working on the problem yet holding up the traffic for days. BT need to come forward and explain themselves.

 In other news, we have a good amount of ticketing going on following encouraging commitments from the police. I saw four police officers today in the town centre! The local Superintendent Mike Ismay apparently himself issued over 20 tickets on one afternoon last week and had to go back to the station to get some more because he ran out…. Gordon Brown will no doubt be writing to me to thank me for the extra income (we the Council don’t get it, nor do the police).


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Hazel Blears takes power to the people

Posted by davidburbage on July 5, 2007

According to reports this morning, new Communities Secretary (ie Secretary of State for Local Government) has decided that they will pilot public decision making regarding council expenditure.

I wonder why they don’t run such a scheme for central Government if it’s such a good idea?

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