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    David Burbage MBE was Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council from 2007-2016. This blog : Promoted by Geoff Hill on behalf of David Burbage and all other Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative candidates, all of 2 Castle End Farm, Ruscombe, Berkshire RG10 9XQ
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Posted by davidburbage on June 21, 2007

Is it just me or are more and more people ‘name and address withheld’.

Actually before I get to the Letters, a comment on the rains on Tuesday – they produced the greatest amount of short term water at the front of our house that I’ve ever seen. Normally we get big puddles that slowly drain away, but on this occasion the puddles reached the house wall and were about 2cm deep whilst the streams of water cascaded down hill (fortunately we’re on a hill) draining away. Lots of rain.

Keith Richardson – as he himself suggests, you can’t please all of the people all of the time – and the enforcement regime is pretty feeble.

Former Teacher – a long narrative on employment issues. I sat in an Employment Tribunal most of yesterday and boy can they drag on. These issues can take months and years to resolve.

KL Holliday / John Allison – contraversial issues, to a politician, have relatively few upsides and plenty of downsides. Plain speaking is unfortunately not tolerated any more by many in politics or the media. It is probably a pity that we don’t have a ‘freedom of speech’ protection as clear as it is in the US Constitution.

This article is worth a read. Fortune does not favour the brave, as former soldier Patrick Mercer found out with some of his own army recollections.

Isn’t it be better to be offended rather than prevent somebody else’s freedom of speech? Yet isn’t that the situation we have created?

St Marks parking letter – yup, absolutely.

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