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Libdem Failings #5

Posted by davidburbage on April 5, 2007

I have been fortunate to receive a copy of the Libdem’s literature from Pinkneys Green. In it, they claim to be fighting against over-development. It’s a pity that their actions are not always mirrored by their spin – this is from the draft minutes of the last planning meeting  :

07/00259* Landplus (UK) Ltd: Construction of five two bedroom terraced houses, two three bedroom semi-detached and one three bedroom detached houses together with associated parking and garages and access onto Alwyn Road following demolition of 90 Alwyn Road, at 90 And Land To Rear 92-98 Alwyn Road, Maidenhead.In a motion for refusal, Members voted six in favour of refusal and six against refusal. The Chairman exercised his casting vote and the motion for refusal fell. Prior to the vote on the second motion, for Officers’ recommendation, in accordance with paragraph A16.4 of the Constitution, members requested a recorded vote prior to the vote being taken. Six Councillors voted for the motion (Councillors Herlinger, Adams, Miss Javed, Ricardo, Iles and D Howes). Six Councillors voted against the motion (Councillors Mackay, Mrs Kemp, Walters, Mrs Moore, Burbage and Wilson). The Chairman exercised his casting vote for Officers’ recommendation.With authority to determine delegated to the Head of Planning subject to the prior completion of a legal agreement or unilateral undertaking to secure the appropriate infrastructure contributions. With authority to refuse permission if a satisfactory legal agreement or unilateral undertaking is not completed by 26th March 2007.(The Panel was addressed by Mr Greengrass, in objection, and Mr Carter, on behalf of the applicant)

Alwyn Road is in, of course, Pinkneys Green.

The six Members voting for the application are all Liberal Democrats. Five of the six voting against the application are Conservatives. The only LibDem voting with us was sat right next to the (displeased) local Pinkneys Green Libdem Councillor who couldn’t vote but spoke against the motion! The Chairman at the meeting was, of course, a Libdem, exercising his casting vote to build on the back gardens.

Now another interesting thing is that a number of Libdems always complain when we want the minutes to show their voting record. Why is that?! Maybe it is because the spin from their literature does not reflect their priorities when actually taking a decision.

Of course, planning is not “party political” per se, but differing parties do tend to take differing lines when considering the weights of planning policies to apply – that’s the point of the planning meeting taking the decision, after all.

It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that when the Conservatives speak and vote as one against an application for multiple new dwellings on the grounds of destroying the character of an area, and the Libdems do not, there might be something to learn from that pattern ….


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