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Hokey Libdem literature

Posted by davidburbage on March 27, 2007

I have been sent a copy of one of the latest bits of Libdem Literature in which they promise to expand CCTV.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what they promised last time, and despite having 4 years to do it, didn’t deliver. They are reduced to claiming that they were “the first to introduce CCTV” which is presumably a reference to something they did around 15 years ago.

They also claim that they are experts in using Section 106 monies for the community. That expertise hasn’t been very apparent locally – when faced with a petition to spend a trivial amount of money on changing a speed limit, they seemed to forget that there might be some Section 106 money available to fund it. When challenged, the reply was “you should have told us you were going to ask us that question”. Expertise, hmmm.

For the record, it was the Conservatives that got Section 106 contributions going from a standing start in 2001/2 , and the Conservatives that expanded CCTV coverage into new areas.

And, they also claim they ‘pioneered’ the use of Community Wardens. Wardens were well established in neighbouring Wokingham long before they arrived in 2004 – and it was a Conservative budget, my budget in 2003 actually, that funded them for 2003/4. Unfortunately the Libdems then took almost a year to get the thing started, wasting a good amount of that year’s budget and failing to give residents the service they were paying for in their Council Tax.


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