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Royal Borough’s Grammar investigation highlighted on TV

Posted by davidburbage on November 8, 2014


Thanks to the highlighting of the options we’re considering for secondary school expansion, which has been picked up by Theresa May, we made the BBC London News. The best comment on the news clip came from a resident, who said “we’re allowed to apply for grammar schools from the county, so why can’t we have one in the county and save all the travel problems”.


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Happy Birthday Sir Nicholas Winton, 105, honoured today

Posted by davidburbage on October 28, 2014

I was on the train from Paddington to Maidenhead just last week, and I overheard a lady nearby say to her fellow passenger “where is the statue at Maidenhead station”? She knew there was a statue, but she didn’t know where it was, or of whom the statue was.

I briefly explained – and hopefully now the lady not only knows where the statue is, but will understand why the statue is there.

With credit to Cllr Derek Wilson, who made it happen.


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We’re in the top 20 Councils in the country!

Posted by davidburbage on October 13, 2014

Nice to be picked out of the crowd!


Britain’s best councils

The Telegraph’s Max Davidson highlights 20 councils which he says deserve a pat on the back for good local services. The list includes Norfolk County Council – because of its “Get into Summer campaign, Uttlesford DC – which is recommended because of its planning policy, Fylde DC – due to it winning Britain in Bloom, Kensington and Chelsea – thanks to its parking and waste services, and Wiltshire Council – because it has not increased council tax for the past four years, but kept leisure centres and libraries open. The other councils referenced are: South Tyneside; Waverley; Cheshire West and Chester; Sandwell; Newport; Sheffield; Windsor and Maidenhead; Staffordshire; Somerset; Hammersmith and Fulham; Runnymeade; Oxfordshire; Richmond-upon-Thames; Wandsworth; and Westminster.

The Daily Telegraph, Property, Page: 1-3

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Our local policy remains true and unchanged – Against the 3rd runway!

Posted by davidburbage on September 26, 2014

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Conservative Group


Date: 24 September 2014

Release: For Immediate Release

Conservatives call on MPs and residents to keep saying no to 3rd runway


Following a council motion earlier this year to support expansion at Gatwick, Leader of the Council Cllr David Burbage has written to the local MPs to gather their support.


Cllr George Bathurst said: “Heathrow already causes unacceptable disturbance for many residents of the Royal Borough, particularly at night; as Heathrow’s uncooperative nature has highlighted, it is clear that Heathrow’s expansion would make this situation dramatically worse, blighting the lives of thousands more residents yet with no room for the new housing to support the supposed economic growth.  We continue to campaign against this at every possible level.”


Cllr David Burbage (Con, Bray) added: “Our MPs have already been supportive of our position on Heathrow, it is just as important, though, that we actively support the alternative option at Gatwick.


“At every stage we will continue to campaign on behalf of our residents – but it is important that residents also continue to make their voices heard loud and clear. I urge those affected to continue to help us keep the pressure up on Heathrow.”



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Scottish Referendum and all that follows

Posted by davidburbage on September 20, 2014

David Cameron played a blinder at 7am yesterday – finally grasping the West Lothian nettle (thistle?) and declaring that English voters must have parity with Scottish voters. After all, we should end the Barnett formula and allow devolution to take up the slack if the folks up north (or round here) want to spend more of their voters money for them.

The Labour party are going to have to tackle the issue head on – I predicted they would want to long-grass the issue which they have done, but basic common sense dictates that English votes for English laws must be implemented now that Scotland’s MSPs will get even more powers, and can already decide their own policies on health, education and so on.

Where we could do with some constitutional change is to decentralise some more from Whitehall to councils, communities and individuals. That’s where Labour is looking to make the running but we should overtake them by rolling out effective devolution on the back of the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday.

At Labour and Conservative conferences, South East Strategic Leaders with Localis are promoting a South East manifesto, drawn up in conjunction with the South East England Councils, to ask for devolution to South East authorities, but the principle applies everywhere in England. Time for change.

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The way we were

Posted by davidburbage on August 23, 2014

Anyone wanting to predict the result of the 2015 election might like to take a look at this poll from April 30th 2010, just a week before the national poll.

How times change! This is taken from the excellent Political Betting Blog, a great site, well worth a visit run by Mike Smithson for many years.


A week later, the country voted 37% (Con), 30% (Lab) and 23.5% (LD).

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Feeding into Twitter

Posted by davidburbage on August 14, 2014

Test post eric-pickles

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The beauty of news spin

Posted by davidburbage on August 14, 2014

So the A-level results are out.

Here’s how the major organisations highlighted the news!



BBC run with the negative, Sky with the positive. Mind you, with the grade inflation of recent years might mean that the negative is a positive.

Just a thought 

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Transparency of public meetings

Posted by davidburbage on August 13, 2014

This is a hoot. Elected councillors at all levels shouldn’t hide in public – thanks to Eric there really is nowhere to hide!

We have every ambition to increase the public’s participation in civic society, and is part of our Big Society agenda.


This is also a good watch. The point made near the end (about the accuracy of a single recording) is particularly sharp because we’ve been in meetings where the council team haven’t recorded the meeting, and a member of the public has done, we’re then in the position of defending the accuracy of minutes, a month later !



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Posted by davidburbage on July 15, 2014

Very pleased to see Liz Truss promoted, but sad to see Owen depart to make space!


The reshuffle will invigorate the team more as we go into the election, and I am sure this strengthens our chances of winning outright.

Good also to see Brandon promoted at DCLG, and Eric continues in post as I predicted he would in 2010 (contrary to Labour’s Cllr Dave Wilcox in Cllr magazine, who predicted an early demise for my chum)

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